Professional Web Portfolio of Ric Delgado

Web (PHP) and Wordpress Developer

Major Web Projects/Applications

Roasted In Brooklyn

WordPress, WP Theme created from scratch specific for project, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Full conceptualized and created web magazine, focused on local businesses and coffee. Strong, strong focus on design, as well as creating a Wordpress Theme exclusive for project.

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Pick Ur Favorite Arnie

Frontend: VueJS, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Backend: Firebase/VueFire
Portfolio project based around using VueJS functionality. Design focused, humorous, survey style web app that compiles results and saves in Firebase DB.

Github Repo for Pick Ur Arnie

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Redevelopment: VueJS - Vuex, Vue-Router, Axios,, PUG, Firebase/VueFire. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript.
Legacy Version - HTML5, CSS3, PHP frontend paired with PHP backend integrated with MySQL. Javascript and JQuery elements.
Top to bottom custom developed web application - concept, design, and logistics. Original development in PHP and MySQL, current revelopment into modern JS Framework Single Page Application (SPA), Progressive Web App(PWA).

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VueJS and Bootstrap for front end development. Python3 for Twitter Data Collection, paired with Firebase Database.
Top to bottom custom developed web application - concept, design, and logistics.

Github Repo for TwitterSquad

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Wordpress Platform, Customized Theme
Wordpress magazine style website, integrated with Vimeo playback services.

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Add Calendar Event Plugin

Wordpress Custom MVC Plugin
Custom built Wordpress plugin, developed to follow MVC structure through WP Boilerplate.

Add Calendar Event Post

Wordpress Plateform, Resdesign of Front Page
Resdesigned front page using modern design typographical design elements to maximize product exposure.

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